Remembering Mr. Private Label

Brian Sharoff, who passed away in May, was the President of the Private Label Manufacturers Association for nearly four decades. Join news anchor Judith Kolenburg as she looks back on his accomplishments at PLMA and how they changed both the industry and the association. Meanwhile, Pascal Kuipers takes a look at the implications of the European Commission’s initiative to create a new sustainable food system, Farm to Fork, and Hans Kraak reports on the effects of the Corona crisis on the consumption of wine. Click here to download video.

The Pull of the Belgian Grocery Retailing

Despite its complexity, Belgium is proving to be quite the attractive market to many outside retailers. A customer base that likes to indulge and does not sacrifice quality for price is one of the reasons behind it. Host Edgar Elzerman speaks with Dirk Vanderveken, founder of Shopperware, a retail and shopper marketing consultancy, about the intricacies of the Belgian retail market and growing opportunities for retailers and suppliers. Available in English only. Click here to download video.

“Clean” Is the New Energy Boosting Ingredient

Energizing foods and drinks are no longer the domain of college students and fitness athletes. As consumers, especially Millennials, seek healthier energy alternatives to boost their busy on-the-go lifestyle, the category presents opportunities for market growth and private label. Chef Berry Pronk takes a look at some of the most innovative products offered by retailers. Available in English only. Click here to download video.