Private Label Wine Building Retail Traffic

Almost everyone loves wine and now retailers are finding out how good private label wine can be as a traffic builder for their stores. News anchor Judith Kolenburg looks at the trend. Meanwhile, co-anchor Edgar Elzerman tracks the growing popularity of private label beauty products while Pascal Kuipers analyzes the controversy over palm oil and what may be the solution. Click Here for Video.

The Retail Battle in the East

Judith Kolenburg reports on the ongoing battle in China's retailing world with huge worldwide implications for both bricks-and-mortar and online.

Has Tesco Regained its Footing?

Tesco is making retail headlines with new ways to solve supermarket management. Edgar Elzerman reviews Tesco's plans to battle back from the brink.

GDPR: What it Means

Pascal Kuipers analyzes the European Union's new General Data Protection Regulation, which affects all retailers.

Aldi and Lidl Reinventing Themselves

Gone are the days of no-frills stores. Gone are the days of limited assortment. Judith Kolenburg traces the change-over of Europe’s two discount powerhouses.

Amazon’s Private Label Push

Edgar Elzerman compares Amazon’s success in the U.S. and its plans for expansion in Europe. And it seems poised to use its own private label brands to achieve success.

EU and Brexit: What to Look for

Judith Kolenburg checks Brussels to find out what the EU is planning for the year ahead.