All Eyes on Visitors from the East

With a market of two billion people, Asia is one of the most coveted markets for European companies. But the relationship doesn’t end there. News anchor Judith Kolenburg reports on how Chinese companies have also invested in expanding their services in Europe. Meanwhile, Russian discounter Torgservis just opened its first Mere store in East Germany. Hans Kraak tells us more about who they are and if they’re here to stay. Click here to download video.

Re-Inventing the American Grocery World

U.S. and Canadian retailing is undergoing big changes as e-commerce and hard discounters challenge traditional supermarkets. A strong private label program has become essential as retailers re-invent the shopping experience. Host Edgar Elzerman talks with retailer Fred Morganthall, former executive vice president at Kroger, about how retailers and manufacturers need to team up and invest in innovation. Available in English only. Click here to download video.

What Does Your Gut Say?

Digestive health appears to be one of the major worldwide trends of 2019. Consumer awareness of probiotics and prebiotics continues to grow and opportunities for private label could be significant. Join Chef Berry as he looks at some of the retailers' most innovative products for “gut health”. Available in English Only. Click here to download video.