The Battle for the Stomach

A supermarket’s biggest competitor may not be another supermarket. Spending for food at retail stores has actually been under attack from spending in restaurants. And the competition has grown closer. News anchor Judith Kolenburg offers an update on the ongoing tug-of-war. Meanwhile, Pascal Kuipers reports on ASDA’s opening of its new store concept in the UK and Hans Kraak takes a look at what transparency means to consumers in France. Click here to download video.

When the Package is More Than the Means to an End

Packaging has become so important in the marketing of private label that supermarkets are competing with each other for the most attractive designs. It is understandable since retailers are closer than anyone else to the consumer and can control the entire shopping experience — from the parking lot to the shelf. Host Edgar Elzerman discusses the intricacies of packaging design as a communication tool with Loe Limpens, Creative Strategy Director and founder of Yellow Dress Retail, a specialized retail design agency. Available in English only. Click here to download video.

The Fine Art of Premium Coffee and Tea

When it comes to coffee and tea, consumers have developed quite a discerning palate for premium quality. Retailers are reinventing their private label products to meet this new gourmet trend among shoppers. Join chef Berry Pronk as he samples some of the sophisticated private label coffee and tea blends now offered by supermarkets. Available in English only. Click here to download video.