Is the Hypermarket Dead?

A lot has changed since the first hypermarket opened in the 1960s. With the expansion of the discounters and now the digital revolution, retailers are reinventing themselves to be more relevant to today’s shopper. News anchor Judith Kolenburg reports on what the future of these retail giants may be. Meanwhile, Pascal Kuipers offers an update on nutritional labelling and where it is going, and Hans Kraak reports on how solving the problem of obesity may mean opportunities for retailers and their private label programs. Click here to download video.

A Look Inside the UK Grocery Market

The British retail landscape is facing more challenges now than ever before. How are the big four retailers dealing with the combined threat of discounters and e-commerce? Host Edgar Elzerman discusses the problems UK retailers are facing and the solutions they are putting in place with Richard Hyman, long-time British consultant. Available in English only. Click here to download video.

What's in a Millennial's Shopping Basket?

Millennials and their shopping habits can be quite a puzzle. How does their on-the-go lifestyle and their search for fresh and organic products translate to what they really buy? Chef Berry Pronk looks at some of the products most commonly found in their shopping baskets. Available in English only. Click here to download video.