A Look at the Post-Brexit Era

Almost five years after the UK referendum, Brexit is now a fact. How is the grocery industry adapting to the change? Join news anchor Judith Kolenburg as she takes a look at the impact on retailers and manufacturers. Meryl Perrot reports on what discounters are to do with the sudden rise of e-commerce and Pascal Kuipers analyses consumers’ new found perception on frozen foods. Available in English only. Click here to download video.

The Word is Sustainability

One latent trend that the ongoing pandemic has shed light on is sustainability. Consumers demand it, retailers are investing in it, manufacturers are working towards it, but what exactly does it take to be sustainable as a company? Host Edgar Elzerman and Roland Waardenburg, founding partner of inclsve and strong advocate of sustainability, take a look at what it takes for manufacturers and retailers to reach this goal. Available in English only. Click here to download video.

There’s a New Protein in Town: Insects

Edible insects are beginning to appear on grocery store shelves as part of the trend toward healthy and eco-conscious protein alternatives to meat. Chef Berry Pronk goes past the “ick factor” and tastes some of the most avant-garde products available in supermarket. Available in English only. Click here to download video.